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————————————————  The BFC has a new aircraft in the club….  C182 ———————————————— September 20th Morning Flyout to KMER,  Both BFC planes have been blocked out but are not spoken for yet, so please jump in and go for a short flight with us on our first fly-out.  Contact person Mark Manning 661-549-8986 ———————————————— September 20th All Day, AOPA Fly-In at … Continue Reading

  RNAV…LNAV…LNAV+V…L/VNAV…APV…LP…GPS…Are these terms and their meanings confusing to you? If so, make a point to brush up on these and other important acronyms as we review the latest in RNAV/GPS approaches with Long Beach Gold Seal CFI John Mahany. If you are an instrument rated pilot, working on an instrument rating or even thinking … Continue Reading

 ZUNIGA GETS HIS WINGS! A gigantic BFC shoutout goes to Hector Zuniga for passing his Private Pilot check ride with DPE Donna Webster on Sunday, August 24.  Hector is a dedicated student, working toward a career in aviation. His immediate plans are to dig into the coursework for the Instrument Rating, then the Commercial certificate, CFI, CFII, Multi, … Continue Reading

Many pilots have dreamed of flying since they were young.  But, what percentage of pilots can say that they actually soloed on their 16th Birthdays?  Even more impressive, how many pilots can say that, in addition to taking their first solo on their 16th Birthday, that they got their Private Pilot Certificate on their 17th … Continue Reading

Have you heard about our 3 newly certificated pilots at the Bakersfield Flying Club?

First off, we have Dhruv, who passed his Instrument Checkride.  Ed, his Instructor was thrilled.  Dhruv plans on flying to Oshkosh this year.

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