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General Aviation News wrote a nice piece on BFC click here AOPA Club Connect did a detailed interview with BFC President William Woodbury.  click here to read article      … Continue Reading

This year “Santa” brought my two sons, Jett (4 yrs.) and Jax (2 1/2 yrs.), each a pair of youth aviation headsets, so I promised them we would try them out in short order.  They were counting down the days to their first flight in an airplane, a special day for them and for daddy!  … Continue Reading

Congratulations to the Kevin Setser on his first solo! The wind was just right and the weather was perfect… no need for an instructor… Kevin took N73977 on the first of many adventures. After kicking out his instructor Bren, Kevin went solo at Delano, flying 3 laps around the pattern and making 3 beautiful landings, … Continue Reading

BAKERSFIELD FLYING CLUB PRESENTS 2015 Monday, January 12, 2015, starting at 18:00 Pacific Standard Time Private Pilot Ground School Everything you need to know to pass the knowledge test, starting January 12 thru February 11, Monday and Wednesday nights.  Great for student pilots or even rusty pilots! Cost: $295, includes books and materials.  Contact William … Continue Reading

Congratulations to Dave’s solo flight on 11-21-2014 at KMIT.  Instructor William Woodbury said Dave flew the flight flawlessly.  Dave will start working on his cross-country flying soon after he gets a few local solo flights under his belt. Dave’s family came out to celebrate after his solo. Brooke, Ethan, Dave, Crystal and Wesley.… Continue Reading