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Gary SOLOS!! Heavyweight ‘boo-yas’ to Gary for doing his first solo flight on May 23. The air was cool and calm as CFI Adam Peterson gave Gary his final thoughts, a quick thumbs up, then climbed out of the plane. Four landings at BFL later, Gary is a solo pilot. Says Adam, “He enjoyed the … Continue Reading

Brandon Solos! The first solo, from the CFI’s perspective……. First of all let me introduce the protagonist, Brandon.  A quiet, confident man. He is quietly spoken, intelligent, deliberate and determined in everything I have witnessed him do.  I think, like me, he tends to lean towards being a serious individual. One thing we both had our fingers … Continue Reading

Bill, Fred and Donna,   I have some exciting news to share, yesterday I passed my single engine commercial checkride! I was told that I came extremely well prepared and my oral was a breeze. And that my flying was great. The examiner said that I was a little weak on one maneuver, the emergency … Continue Reading

MegaCongrats to Margaux Hein for flying solo on her 16th birthday, the earliest possible legal date to pilot an airplane alone. Margaux said she wasn’t nervous, just excited, and did a great job in the busy pattern at KBFL. Congratulations, too, to proud dad Martin Hein, whose encouragement and checkbook made it all possible. The … Continue Reading

“LONG” TIME COMING – DAVE PASSES HIS CHECKRIDE!! Giant ‘boo-yah” going out to Dave Long for successfully completing his private pilot practical test. Dave began training some 15 years ago, but life intervened and his training got delayed. Now he can claim ownership of the title, Private Pilot. Dave is daddy to three great kids … Continue Reading