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We all have moments, flights, even days in aviation that we remember. That force us to smile, frown or maybe even wince (how bad was that landing?). I was lucky enough to have one of those happy, lots of smiles with a sprinkling of pride days on 22 December 2015. Even though the weather was … Continue Reading

McLaughlin Solos! A giant high-five to BFC member Phil McLaughlin for taking his first trips around the pattern by himself on December 8. Phil was confident and eager. “I’m ready for this!” he said before CFI Bill Woodbury gave his last words of encouragement and sent him on his way. Phil did a great job … Continue Reading

Congratulations to BFC member Brandon Sanders for completing his first solo. His three trips around pattern at KBFL went flawlessly, and he was all smiles when he stepped out of the plane on this momentous occasion. Welcome to the fraternity, Brandon. Now onto cross country training, some night flight, and checkride prep. CFI William Woodbury… Continue Reading

BFC members Jake Daniels and Kirk Frey both acquire new ratings.  Jake earned his Instrument Rating while Kirk his PPL.  Please congratulate them when you see them around the airport. Jake below       Kirk Frey… Continue Reading

Congratulations to Ray on acquiring his PPL.  Please congratulate Ray when you see him around the airport.   Antony, his CFI, was very proud to hear Ray aced his check ride and shared his thoughts: During my time as an instructor at the BFC, one thing has become abundantly clear from my conversations and interactions … Continue Reading